HIT REFRESH - Renu's Spring Mantra

Its Spring....Lets REFRESH!!!  There is no doubt that Indoor Cycling is a strong, sustainable and FUN workout!  Entering each class with a Fresh mindset keeps us coming back for more.  The moment riders walk into the studio, energy is everywhere….anticipation is everywhere.  Embrace it!
RenuCycleBar teachers strive to create a Fresh class experience each time.  We are constantly looking for that new video or the latest catchy remix ........Adding creativity to our stretching sequence, bar choreography and how we cue instructions to keep our riders engaged is an ongoing REFRESH.....Each class is a new presentation,  and an opportunity to get the most out of your workout. 

So why not hit “REFRESH” each time you ride!  Whether its the on button on the console or a mental “ON” button....its a clean slate and you are invited to participate in the outcome of your ride!  Now be a part of this contagious energy....its hard not to! Challenging moments are exciting, Participate in those big moments by pushing yourself, recovery feels so much sweeter when we have actually felt and overcome the challenge!

Commit to each class with a Fresh lens this Spring ~ REBOOT, REIMAGINE, REFRESH!