8 Tips...Enjoying Cycling Classes at CycleBar!

1)   Do the stretches.
  At the end of every CycleBar class there are 4-5 minutes of on-bike and off-bike stretches.  Don’t sneak out...DO the alexstretches.   It’s a great way to cool down from the class, to help your body recover gently,  and to minimize post-ride stiffness.

2)   “Share” your ride-card with your family.  Just let us know and we can link your accounts so the whole family can ride off of one ride package.  Come in together!

3)   Booking = Commitment.  Use the unique CycleBar online booking system (also available as Iphone or Android App),  to reserve your classes in advance.  By scheduling workouts, you are much more likely to view them as a commitment.  It works!

4)   Get more comfy.  Cycling shorts, cycling shoes, and lightweight breathable materials maximize your comfort so you can lose yourself in the class!

5)    Posture breaks.  This works!  Periodically sit up on the bike, twist your torso and roll your shoulders.  Just a brief moment several times in a class can provide huge relief to any back, neck or shoulder discomfort.

6)   Recommend music!   We love song and theme suggestions.  Next time Andyyou hear that perfect song for spin class, email us:  Wellesley@cyclebar.com

7)    Lose yourself.  Longtime CycleBar riders have reported that the studio provides a much needed sanctuary, and a respite from the stresses of day to day life.  Take some time for yourself, free your mind and take a much needed (mental) break!

8) Experiment with resistance. 
Pick a few spots to increase the resistance a little beyond your normal comfort zone.  Riding with higher levels of resistance makes you stronger and burns more calories....period.