Marathon Playlist / Hit the Road!

HIT REFRESH - Renu's Spring Mantra

Its Spring....Lets REFRESH!!!  There is no doubt that Indoor Cycling is a strong, sustainable and FUN workout!  Entering each class with a Fresh mindset keeps us coming back for more.  The moment riders walk into the studio, energy is everywhere….anticipation is everywhere.  Embrace it!
RenuCycleBar teachers strive to create a Fresh class experience each time.  We are constantly looking for that new video or the latest catchy remix ........Adding creativity to our stretching sequence, bar choreography and how we cue instructions to keep our riders engaged is an ongoing REFRESH.....Each class is a new presentation,  and an opportunity to get the most out of your workout. 

So why not hit “REFRESH” each time you ride!  Whether its the on button on the console or a mental “ON” button....its a clean slate and you are invited to participate in the outcome of your ride!  Now be a part of this contagious energy....its hard not to! Challenging moments are exciting, Participate in those big moments by pushing yourself, recovery feels so much sweeter when we have actually felt and overcome the challenge!

Commit to each class with a Fresh lens this Spring ~ REBOOT, REIMAGINE, REFRESH!

Upcoming CycleGiving Events

A key part of the CycleBar mission is to help give back to the community that supports us.  We love it.  Our "CycleGiving" program is a series of rides where 100% of the proceeds are donated to local causes, charities, and organizations.  

So far in 2017, we have run 24 CycleGiving events that have generated $26,000 for local causes.  100% of monies raised are passed through to the charity, family or cause.

Would you like to ride and give?  Here are some upcoming CycleGiving Rides: (info:

 Coming This Spring!

Boston Children's Hospital 
Ben Hem PTO Auction
Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
Boston Marathon (Dana Farber)
Patient Assistance at Dana Farber
Team Martin Richard
Project Just Because
St. Joes Auction Ride


Instructors are the lifeblood of CycleBar! Congratulations to Renu

We are excited to announce that CycleStar Renu Shukla has been invited to the newly created position of Master Instructor at CycleBar Wellesley. Renu has been an integral part of the CycleBar story since our early days as 'Spynergy' almost 12 years ago. She is a classic example of a talented instructor that has Renuconsistently evolved and developed a signature style through her unique energy, her coaching mind-set, and her creative use of music and media.

At CycleBar, we believe instructors are our lifeblood. Over the years, we have developed a special approach: First, we constantly seek and audition talent, Next, we provide talented teachers with the best tools, and finally, we give them freedom to create their own unique and genuine class experience. Renu is a classic example of this philosophy.

In her new role, she will continue with her full class load, and will also assist Bill and Alex with ongoing studio development, new rider acclimation, CycleGiving and special events. Please join us in congratulating Renu and in wishing her the best as she continues her growth and commitment to the art of indoor cycling.  As we've written about extensively, instructors are the lifeblood of any studio!


The CycleBar community is characterized by a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.  We are guided by a simple philosophy -- great workout / great fun....for ALL fitness levels.  Whether you are a triathlete or a weekend warrior, or just want to lose a few pounds, we provide a fun, energetic class experience that you can easily adapt to your own fitness level.  It's truly a community.  Come take a ride!  Nothing is more important than staffing --- it's the essence of the business.



At CycleBar we do not have Advanced / Intermediate / Beginner classes, because we believe with proper coaching anyone adapt the class to their own fitness levels and goals.

CycleBar offers Intro Sessions several times a week....these are free sessions for those new to indoor cycling who want to learn the basics so they can feel more comfortable in their first class.  Here is the agenda for this 20-30 minute free intro session:
  • Introduction to indoor cycling as alow-impact, cardio workout
  • Complete customized bike setup to maximize comfort
  • Discussion of posture and bike positions
  • What to wear, what to bring, "clipping in" with cycling shoes
  • Sample songs and drills seen in an actual class
  • Questions and answers

CycleBar intro sessions are noted on the class schedule --- but if those times don't work, let us know and we can set up a special time and session at your convenience!

A Small Local Studio Can Be a Community.......

We recently received an amazing note from a long time rider at our studio.  We were deeply moved and humbled.   It was about Tom Graboys, who died earlier this year.  Tom was a world-class cardiologist who was tragically struck with Parkinson's at an early age.  He loved spinning and music and attended our classes regularly for several years as he battled the disease.  The letter below was very simply about the power of a community doing something to help a struggling fellow rider, a fellow human being.


Alex and Bill,

Going through the mail that I don't get to during the week, I flipped through the Brigham and Women's glossy development magazine. This is not a publication that I ever read from cover to cover but a photo caught my eye. There was an article, in memoriam, of Dr. Thomas Graboys. It was accompanied by a photo of a man I recognized but did not know. When I realized that this piece was about Tom, the man I often saw at Cyclebar during the Spynergy days, I read on. The article was a beautiful description of a generous and brilliant doctor, felled in his prime by a progressive and destructive neurological disease. The Tom I knew was often accompanied to spin by a caretaker and over time I watched as his ability to walk and cycle and speak declined. It is inspiring to watch someone work so hard knowing that his life and spirit depend on it.

But what also struck me as I remembered Tom, was the generosity of the community at spin. Alex, I know he usually attended your classes, and the attention and love and respect given by you, set a wonderful tone for the class. Jody, most often, and Carri and many others helped get Tom set up and comfortable and prepared for the class and sometimes helped during the class. It created a camaraderie that I daresay you don't find anywhere else. I watch as people help welcome new spinners, and exchange friendly gestures. I see how hard the instructors work at getting to know people's names. Obviously, anyone can ride a stationary bike but no one can lead a group to become a community like you and your staff. You bring good people together.

So, this is just in remembrance of Tom and in gratitude that you all make a difference in a place like Wellesley and the other towns nearby. Please keep up the good work. No one does it better.

Kathleen Nilles


Boston's First Indoor Cycling Studio Now Goes National

In January of 2005, we started a small family business in Wellesley called Spynergy....the Boston area's very first indoor cycling studio.  A loyal following of riders from Wellesley, Needham, Newton, Natick, Weston, conversion-slider_copySherborn, Dover and Boston quickly made the studio a hit.  We built the studio on a simple philosophy that is still in tact today:  "Great Workout / Great Fun".

In early 2015, after 10 years of operation, we embarked on a major national expansion by launching the first indoor cycling studio Franchise

CYCLEBAR.  As of this writing, we have sold over 100 franchise licenses in 21 pic2

This is a hugely exciting time for us---spreading the indoor cycling class experience we helped pioneer right here in Wellesley.  There are CycleBar indoor cycling studio franchises opening soon in Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Detroit, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, Omaha, Indianapolis, Phoenix, and dozens of other cities around the country.

If you know anyone who might be interested in a turnkey franchise for their area....shoot us a quick note:  To read more about CycleBar franchising, you can also visit  To read more about the whole phenomena of indoor cycling studios, take a look at

OUR Studio - YOUR Cause - CycleGiving!

Hundreds of local causes and charities have used our studio to raise money over the past few years. In these "CycleGiving Rides" proceeds raised go directly to the charity.  We love using our studio this way.  We call it "CycleGiving"

Do you have a cause?  It's simple
   1) You
 invite riders to the studio, we require a minimum of 20 riders registered
   2) You charge guests whatever you feel is right
   3) We provide the facility and the instructor

   4) CycleBar can provide space and table for you to set up refreshments after your ride. 
   5) There is a $50 administrative fee, all other money goes to the event charity. 

   6) We only offer four CycleGiving events per month, priority is given to our Unlimited & Recurring Members and riders with at least 50 rides in the past 12 months 


It's a WIN-WIN.   Here are a few of the  groups that have used CycleBar in recent months:

  1. Wellesley ABC
  2. Wellesley and Needham
    PTO Rides
    (Sprague, Fiske, Newman, etc)
  3. Go Red Rides (American Heart Association)
  4. Pedal for Gabe (Boston Childrens Hospital)
  5. Polar Plunge Rider (special Olympics)
  6. Wellesley ABC (A Better Chance)
  7. ACHIEVE (In memory of Casey Dunne)
  8. Relay for Life (American Cancer Society)
  10. Tufts Marathon(Childhood Obesity Research)
  11. Lewy Body Dementia Association (April 30th)
  12. Ride for Denna Laing (for Denna's family helping Denna recover from a severe spinal injury)
    BtoBeach for Autism
    This class raised a good chunk of money for Autism research and raised awareness about the annual outdoor ride that is a huge Autism fundraiser

    Class riders donated on a per-bike basis to raise funds that help homeless families in Massachusetts.

    A CycleBar rider active with the boosters, took it upon herself to organize a fundraiser to help with clean up funding in the aftermath of our epic winter.

    Awesome classes to bring parents together and raise money for the PTC or special causes within the school.  

    One of our most well-supported rides, multiple riders have used the studio to invite friends and family as part of their fundraising efforts Dana Farber 

    20 year old Needham organization that provides diapers and other basics to working poor in Needham, Dedham and Boston.

    Locally organized to help youth and families struggling with a variety of addictions and related issues.

Contact: for complete details on running your own event at CycleBar Wellesley


The Spirit of the Marathon

Today was an inspirational day. Yes, watching the elite athletes --- but we're truly astounded by the grit, sweat, suffering and resolve by tens of thousands of dedicated runners. These folks run purely for the challenge, purely for the joy, purely out of guts. Think about the cumulative training hours through one of the worst winters in history. All of us in the CycleBar community salute the incredible spirit of the Marathon! (If you us for a free 'recovery' ride!).

There is a fitness community in Wellesley like few others.  Fitness studios, a cycling studio, a running and fitness mentality.  CycleBar is on the Marathon course, and all winter we note runners dancing through the snow drifts and ice piles to get the miles in before April!  What drives them?  Yes there is a health and fitness mentality, but it's much more than's a drive to challenge and's deep in the human spirit.  We salute you Marathoners!!!