Nancy Ruggeri

I've been doing this 8 years.  I need it!  Not just the exercise...the "me time", and the community.   Fitness has always played an important role in my life (running, cycling, etc.) but things changed when I stumbled on a 6AM spin class. WOW.  Now with 5 kids and a chaotic life, indoor cycling  acts as a space where I can connect,  release some stress, and get a great workout. If you are hoping to build yourself physically, mentally and emotionally you have come to the right spot! Meet you on the bike!  

Nancy Ruggeri instructs the following:
  • CycleBar Classic
  • CycleBar Classic is a wildly energetic workout set to the rhythms of carefully chosen inspirational music. This 45 min class includes a combination of high-intensity intervals and endurance elements coached by top instructors. It is designed to inspire you to better fitness!
    While classes may vary in intensity based on a teacher's style, we coach riders to adapt each session to their own fitness level and goals. The Classic Rides are great for beginners as well as advanced riders!