Melissa Panchuck

A teacher, a coach, an athlete ---- Melissa also loves a tremendous variety of music that she brings to her creative spin classes. Fitness has always been important in her life; she captained her Division I college softball team and currently competes in team sports like basketball year-round and individual races during warmer months, and enjoys riding outdoors as often as possible. She has completed two Boston marathons, numerous shorter triathlons, and teaches and coaches middle school boys in Newton. She also leads faculty/staff fitness boot camps and yoga sessions. She got hooked on spinning years ago and is thrilled to be leading classes where participants work as a team in pursuit of improved fitness. Melissa believes in the power of sweat; it is a great equalizer. Sweat develops camaraderie and helps teach us more about our bodies’ capabilities. So whether you are a beginner, seasoned rider, or somewhere in between, expect a challenging workout, energizing music, and a motivating teacher that will bring out your best each class.

Melissa Panchuck instructs the following:
  • CycleBar Classic
  • CycleBar Classic is a wildly energetic workout set to the rhythms of carefully chosen inspirational music. This 45 min class includes a combination of high-intensity intervals and endurance elements coached by top instructors. It is designed to inspire you to better fitness!
    While classes may vary in intensity based on a teacher's style, we coach riders to adapt each session to their own fitness level and goals. The Classic Rides are great for beginners as well as advanced riders!