Team GDMF NYC Marathon Ride

This class is taught by:

Nancy Ruggeri

I've been doing this 8 years.  I need it!  Not just the exercise...the "me time", and the community.   Fitness has always played an important role in my life (running, cycling, etc.) but things changed when I stumbled on a 6AM spin class. WOW.  Now with 5 kids and a chaotic life, indoor cycling  acts as a space where I can connect,  release some stress, and get a great workout. If you are hoping to build yourself physically, mentally and emotionally you have come to the right spot! Meet you on the bike!  
The Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation provides scholarships to Special Operations soldiers looking to make a career change. To date we have provided over 40 scholarships to former and current soldiers to help them attain degrees from aviation to business, medicine to real estate.
This 45 min high energy cycling class provides awesome music and a rockin' ride that is designed for participants of all levels!
Saturday, October 13th
$50 per bike