CycleBar Classic

This class is taught by:

Mandy Hoar

How I got into indoor cycling: I first tried spinning in 1999 after an injury forced me to hang up my running shoes....I have never looked back! Spinning offers the fantastic cardio workout feeling, we used to all a "runner's high" by using great music to motivate us to work hard, have fun, and just go for it!

Music Mania: Although my true passion is new music with a great beat (from Flo rida and Mumford and Sons to Adele and Rihanna), I always try to mix in classics like Motown, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay and U2).  I am a big fan of mash-ups and a recent convert to country rock! I  love theme classes like the all video 25th anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and recently the dance-off concert video class featuring Tina Turner versus Beyonce.

What makes a great class: It is all about the music.  I hope when you leave the spin room you will have a song in your head, sweat on your back, and a big smile on your face!

Alex Klemmer

How I got into indoor cycling: My sisters in Chicago showed me the way!  I've always been active but when I saw what a great cycling class could be at the studio they owned, I was hooked!   Music Mania:  The most important thing about my music is the beat. I choose artists and songs that  energize and motivate...songs that make you want to move!  The best of current pop like, Pitbull, One Republic, and Bruno Mars ..…you will also hear some of the great bands of all time…U2, Coldplay and Van Morrison ....and I will also reach back to some Motown and other fun oldies!  I  scour youtube to discover newer bands with great spin beats…Imagine Dragons, Nico and Vinz, John Newman, and lots more.  Lately I have been known to throw in some country…I am learning to like it! The playlist changes with every class I teach…its always hot off the press for your ride.

The things I want most from my class are that you leave with an endorphin high like no other….that you reached beyond your comfort zone…..that you smiled during at least one song or video....that you burned a ton of calories and that you want to come back!!!

Nancy Ruggeri

I've been doing this 8 years.  I need it!  Not just the exercise...the "me time", and the community.   Fitness has always played an important role in my life (running, cycling, etc.) but things changed when I stumbled on a 6AM spin class. WOW.  Now with 5 kids and a chaotic life, indoor cycling  acts as a space where I can connect,  release some stress, and get a great workout. If you are hoping to build yourself physically, mentally and emotionally you have come to the right spot! Meet you on the bike!  

Melissa Panchuck

A teacher, a coach, an athlete ---- Melissa also loves a tremendous variety of music that she brings to her creative spin classes. Fitness has always been important in her life; she captained her Division I college softball team and currently competes in team sports like basketball year-round and individual races during warmer months, and enjoys riding outdoors as often as possible. She has completed two Boston marathons, numerous shorter triathlons, and teaches and coaches middle school boys in Newton. She also leads faculty/staff fitness boot camps and yoga sessions. She got hooked on spinning years ago and is thrilled to be leading classes where participants work as a team in pursuit of improved fitness. Melissa believes in the power of sweat; it is a great equalizer. Sweat develops camaraderie and helps teach us more about our bodies’ capabilities. So whether you are a beginner, seasoned rider, or somewhere in between, expect a challenging workout, energizing music, and a motivating teacher that will bring out your best each class.
CycleBar Classic is a wildly energetic workout set to the rhythms of carefully chosen inspirational music. This 45 min class includes a combination of high-intensity intervals and endurance elements coached by top instructors. It is designed to inspire you to better fitness!
While classes may vary in intensity based on a teacher's style, we coach riders to adapt each session to their own fitness level and goals. The Classic Rides are great for beginners as well as advanced riders!

Upcoming classes:

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