The CycleBar Ride (formerly The Spynergy Ride)

When people ask “what are your classes like?”…’s a hard question to answer. We like to think all our classes have 2 things in common 1) they’re great workouts, 2) they’re great fun.

BUT…..we don’t have a standard formula (like many studios) so classes vary widely.

You cannot generalize about The CycleBar Ride because every instructor has the freedom to create their own experience. Each instructor has “tools”: music, video, performance metrics, choreography, hand weights…..and each instructor uses these tools to create their own unique class experience. Here is a classic example from Renu”

“………As teachers, we seek to evolve our style to keep our classes exciting, engaging and fresh……I have recently added some new elements to my well established profiles, I took a little risk……this summer I re-imagined what an even more fun ride would be - something that is still authentic, but also adventurous. In short, I "RENUvated" my ride by adding select upper body moves while cycling that would elevate heart rate to new heights, engage core plus arms and, allow riders to immerse themselves in rhythmic movements that are both challenging and soothing………These moves are just a fresh "add-on" and by no means a departure from my typical ride…..the class still features high intensity, beat driven, FUN!.....Give it a try!......”

We pride ourselves on a variety of classes --- multiple music genres, different class elements, musical theme classes, and most of all, a variety of instructor styles.  Thanks for exploring our classes!


New Bikes! New Instructors! New Schedule!

Complete with the same Spynergy fun, buzz and community!

Our new bikes are the very top of the line Schwinn AC Performance Plus bikes....with a new kind of "magnetic resistance" they provide a silky ride with consistency in the gearing --- and a console that gives you the ability to view/measure your cadence, power output, heart-rate, calories burned and estimated distance.  If you are motivated by data, this is a great tool....if you prefer to go data-free, just leave the light off on the console!  

Suzanne Young

is a wellness coach with 15 years of experience teaching indoor cycling.  When she’s not tapping into her extensive music library of pop, soul and rock to keep class fast and fun, she’s training for the annual Mt. Washington Hill Climb race.

Jake Maulin

"likes to party" and his classes definitely feel – and sound – like one.  Jake uses his experience as a personal trainer (check out and endurance athlete to motivate and challenge his riders – get ready for quick switchbacks, long climbs and short descents. 

Join new instructors Suzanne and Jakeand the rest of the Spynergy team - check out our new schedule - and Come Ride with Us!

CycleBar (formerly Spynergy Wellesley) has been providing fun, inspired indoor cycling classes to our neighbors in Wellesley, Natick, Weston, Wayland, Newton, Needham, Chestnut Hill and other Boston area towns since 2005.  


Meet Your Instructor: Ten Questions for Renu




Renu 1_Spynergy_Portraits_248

Want to know more about your instructor before or after taking a class at Spynergy? Today we talk with Renu Shukla, a dedicated indoor cycling instructor with more than a decade of experience.



1. List your five favorite songs:

Yellow by Coldplay, Jai Ho by A. R Rahman, Lose Yourself by Eminem, Every Breath you take by Puff Daddy and Sting, Just Breathe by Pearl Jam


2.  Describe the flow of the music in your class/how you come up with a playlist:

I focus on creating seamless transitions where ending of the last song is a logical beginning of the next.  Each Playlist tells a story!  The playlist is the heart and soul of each workout – it’s a purposeful collection of songs/videos that seeks to energize, engage and challenge riders. 


I am inspired by “The Voice” - I often find songs from past decades that are very “spin worthy” through this show.


3. Guilty music pleasure?

“Call me Maybe” - Carly Rae Jepson


4. What I know as a cycling instructor that you don’t know:

I always know when you don’t have enough resistance on that fly wheel!  


5. It drives me crazy when: I see riders in my class: are texting, or pedaling backwards or even worse - texting while pedaling backwards...

But I love it when:  riders in my class take a collective sigh of relief after a seven minute climb!


6. What’s the secret, and what's your mantra?

It takes hard work each day.  Mix it up, Amp it up.  Always doing the same things will never get you different results.  My mantra?  Go Hard - You can do anything for two minutes...and Nothing Changes unless Something Changes.


7. The best nutrition/health tips I've gotten:

1) Good oils are healthy for you and do not make you fat; 2)  add heat to your food with herbs and spices, because this helps metabolize fat plus it makes food tastes better!


8. Top 5 movies: 

Slumdog Millionaire, ShawShank Redemption, Home Alone I, Thelma and Louise, Frozen


9. Place you’ve visited that you’d go back to?

I was born in India, I left in 1986, and I haven't been back.  I long to visit.


10. What’s different about CycleBar classes?

It's more than a class - it's a place where you are always striving to create the best experience for your riders!  In return, you receive enormous appreciation, loyalty and gratitude from your classes. 


CycleBar Wellesley has offered fun, energetic and inclusive indoor cycling classes to our neighbors in Wellesley, Needham, Newton, Weston, Dover, Sherborn, Natick, Wayland, Chestnut Hill and other Boston area towns since 2005.  Come ride with us!



Meet Your Instructor: Ten Questions for Bill

Bill 1_Spynergy_Portraits_405


Want to know a little more about your instructor before you take a class?  Or maybe after you’ve taken a class? 

We thought it would be fun to get to know the Spynergy instructors a little better, and will start with Bill Pryor, co-owner of Spynergy Wellesley, CEO of fun and fitness here, and teacher of frequently sold-out classes. Here’s Bill, in the first of our Mad Libs Meets 20 Questions, on Music:


1) If you (or your class) was a radio station, what would it be?


No one station.  It would be an eclectic mix of 5 different XM radio stations and 9 different Pandora sub-genres.  Common thread?  Rhythmic, emotionally resonating music that hits you in the gut.


2) If you go to hell  ______________ will be playing live 24/7 (and there won’t be any earplugs available) : 

Carly Jepson (sp?)


3) If you go to heaven _____________ will be playing live, 24/7

Interesting covers of Bob Dylan songs


4) You’re headed out for a cruise with Gilligan. Which albums (okay, or singles on your playlist) do you bring for life on the desert island?


10 carefully selected Live Grateful Dead shows


5) Describe the flow of the music in your class/how you come up with a playlist:


Each class is slightly different in rhythm, but generally I like to ease into the workout with something a bit gentler, then gradually ramp things to a frenzy.  Also, each class has an “in-the-dark” segment about 2/3s thru so that people can enjoy the sensation of losing themselves for a few moments of their crazy day.  I try to finish with something joyous/uplifiting to send folks away smiling……


6) Where do you find new music? 


XM Radio, Pandora, Spotify, My 20-something daughters, and “Shazamming” in weird places like City Sports, Anthropology and random bars and restaurants


7) I’m embarrassed to admit that I paid to see:


Kool and the Gang live


8) First concert ever attended? 


Santana / Humble Pie


9) Guilty music pleasure?


80’s synth rock (Bronsky Beat, Human League, Petshop Boys)


10) Bill Gates:rich :: _________ : music


Bob Dylan/Eric Clapton

Spynergy Wellesley has been providing great music, instructors and fun to our neighbors in Wellesley, Dover, Sherborn, Natick, Wayland, Weston, Newton, Chestnut Hill and other Boston-area towns since 2005.  Come ride with us!



Not Your Mother's Cycling Class (or Is It?)


With Mother’s Day coming up on May 11th, we thought we’d share some reasons that riding at Spynergy is great if you’re a Mom (or for your Mom – see the first reason, below):


  • Spynergy’s 20-ride cards are $50 off until midnight on Tuesday, April 29! Know a Mom who could use a little time to herself?  Give her the gift of great fitness, great music, great fun and relaxation - and the chance to feel like she did before she had kids (at least for 50 minutes!)


  • With Spynergy classes, you can reserve (and pay) in advance.  Let’s face it: something always comes up.  Someone needs you…something needs to get done…and you come in last.  Put yourself first once in a while and you, your kids and the other parent in your life will be better off.  We make it easy – you’ll have an appointment, and it’ll cost you to cancel at the last minute.  Whatever you put off for 45 or 50 minutes will still be there when you’re done, you’ll just feel a lot better when you get back to it.


  • No kids.


  • Unless your kids are old enough to ride with you – and then it’s some great mother-daughter or mother-son bonding time.  Think your Mom can’t keep up with you?  Think again.


  • If you’re a new Mom, you are definitely in need of some you time.  If only…you had the time.  With a Spynergy class, you’re in and out in under an hour.  And when you’re done, you’ll feel like the Old You again. Plus, you’ll work hard every minute, improve your fitness and burn a ton of calories – getting the most out of your work out time.


  • Cool music that the kids are listening to. Videos too.


  • Bathing suit season.  Let this be the summer that Mom-skirt bathing suit is on someone else’s Mom.


Spynergy has been providing indoor cycling classes to our neighbors in Wellesley, Needham, Dover, Natick, Newton, Wayland, Weston, Chestnut Hill and other Greater Boston towns since 2005.  Come ride with us!       



Music That Makes You Move


Music ImageRide on and rock on?


Recent studies have proven what most of us already knew: music can completely change a workout. Music motivates us, and can help us work harder, for longer. It can make a workout fly by (or drag on forever). Everyone knows that music sets a mood – can you imagine Jaws with a happy, lilting tune? Or a tense scene in Homeland set to Pharrell Williams’ Happy?


A basic principle, called entrainment or synchronization, means that music has helped humans work harder for thousands of years. “You go all the way back to rowers on the Roman Galleys,” says Carl Foster, Ph.D., of the University of Wisconsin. “The guy is sitting there beating on his drum and he drives the basic rhythm of the rowing. Part of that is coordination – you want the rowers to row together – but part of it is that people will naturally follow a tempo. It’s just something about the way our brains work….you want to pedal a cycle at the rate of the dominant beat of the music.”


So what is the ideal beat, and how do you find music that will help you work harder, longer?


Leave that to the instructors at Spynergy.


We understand how important the right music is. Spynergy instructors also understand the three primary things about music that researchers have found can influence performance:


1) Human’s tendency to move in time with music;


2) That music can increase our desire to move rather than sit still; and


3) Music’s ability to distract exercisers from discomfort or fatigue.


“Music is like a legal drug for athletes,” says Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D., of London’s Brunel University School of Sport and Education. “It can reduce the perception of effort significantly and increase endurance by as much as 15 percent.”


There are websites that can help you find music that will match your cadence depending on the activity you are engaged in – finding songs that have a BPM (beats per minute) that matches your stride or speed ( is one). Or, you can come ride with us at Spynergy – where someone else has done all that math and work for you!  View playlists / play music directly from our blog!


Check out previous blog posts and Spynergy's Facebook page for playlists, and links to videos we've played in class. We promise to provide music that will keep you motivated, working hard, and having fun.


Spynergy has provided indoor cycling classes for Wellesley, Newton, Needham, Boston, Chestnut Hill, Weston, Natick and Metro West since 2005. Spynergy provides a great cardio workout, great fitness and great fun!


Where's the best place to SpinĀ® near Boston?


Bill Katie 2_Spynergy_Portraits_184We get a lot of nice letters and testimonials that we put them on our website -- yes, we are proud of them.  But every once in a while we get one that really blows our minds (don't you love that phrase?).  A recent business traveler to Boston typed a simple phrase into Google:  "where's the best place to spin in Boston".   Technically, we are not in Boston, but we aint that far (12 miles from downtown).  Anyway, this guy found us after that search.   I won't transcribe the whole email, but here is an excerpt:


....I am a huge spinner (and cyclist).  I have traveled to Boston for years and taken a number of mediocre to average spin classes at health clubs recommended by my hotel.  One day, I had the time and drove out to Wellesley to check you out.  All I can say is pheonmenal studio, phenomenal experience, phenomenal teacher.  You guys have really figured it out  Love the studio and will be back for sure, thanks for making my business trips tolerable!....


Gosh we're blushing.  Actually for out of town guests the studio is a pretty cool thing.  We have an online reservation and schedule, we have a "pay-per-class" setup (so they don't have to join anything), and we're convenient to get to.  Forgive us for tooting our own horn.  Couldn't resist.




Spynergy Smartphone App -- Book classes from anywhere!

spynergy spin studio app


Yeah, yeah, yeah.....we now have a Spynergy App!  We are the first cycling studio in the Boston area and the first spin studio in Boston to have an App!     How cool is that?  In 2005 you signed up by calling the studio, or sending an email.  In 2007 you could go to a website.  Now you can book classes (and cancel, and buy ride cards, and more)....from your PHONE.  We think having an App is great, but most of all we are happy because it makes our customers lives easier...We are all about making your life easier and better. 

Visit the iPhone App store, or the Android App Market and download the Spynergy App TODAY!

 Here is what you can now do from your iPhone or Android:

  • Sign-in to your Spynergy account
  • Set up an account if you are new
  • View your schedule
  • Sign-up / reserve spots
  • Reservations are auto-posted to calendar / ical)
  • Read teacher and class descriptions
  • Check your account (visits, schedule, attendance, purchases)
  • Purchase any class or class package
  • View special promotions
  • Share their booking details on Facebook
  • Contact you directly



Spynergy Wait List --- How Does it Work?


Here at our Wellesley Cycling Studio, many of our classes sell out.....but we also get cancellations and have a waitlist feature that allows people on the waitlist to move into openings created by cancels.  Here is how it works!

1) When you try to sign up for a sold out class, you will be asked if you would like to be added to the wait list.  (NOTE:  each class has a limited number of slots on the wait if the wait list is full, you will not be able to sign up for that class.....try another class)

2) If you clear the wait list you will receive an email and you are automatically in….no confirmation or further action is required. 

3) Wait list feature closes 12 hours before class....if you have not received an email by then, you are not booked into the class.....BUT you are still on the wait list should you choose to show up and take your chances on no-shows.

4) You must cancel if you no longer wish to ride in the class otherwise you will be charged.

5)  Walk-ins are always welcome.  If a class is sold out, empty bikes will be given first to wait listers that are present, and next to walk-ins.

NOTE:  Please do not add yourself to multiple waitlists on same day!

If you have any questions at all just email

Thanks for riding with us!


Tips for New Spynergy Visitors / New Indoor Cyclists


1) Reservations to our indoor cycling classes in Wellesley are not required, but they hold a bike for you, AND psychologically commit you to working out!  Remember, you can reserve up to one-week in advance and you can cancel with no penalty anytime up to 12 hours in advance.  Please remember to sign in at the front desk!!! 


2) Wait list system.  If a class is sold out....add your name to the online wait list and you will receive an email if a space clears (which often happens).  Note:  once you receive that email, you are automatically added to the class, there is no need to confirm.  If the wait list is full, you can book another class or check back later. 


3)  Bringing a friend.  Our system now allows you to book a cycling class reservation for a friend and charge them to your account...if you have visitors feel free to use this feature (your guest will need to fill out a waiver at the studio).


4)  Connecting.   We love to hear from you.  Please feel free to post  on our Facebook Page or even better, email us your comments and song suggestions to   If you want to see our music playlists and other interesting info....visit the Spynergy Blog (connected to website).


5)  Parking. Please use the space in front of Spynergy, but NOT at the far end by Bertuccis.  You can also park in the lot behind Spynergy and on Laurel Street.


6)  Bike set up. Please ask any instructor any time to get you set up properly on the bike. It makes the class safer and more comfortable!


7)  If you ride with cycling shoes, all Spynergy bikes accept 'SPD' clip-ins.  Sneakers are perfectly fine as well, our pedals have toe clips for sneakers.


8)  Smartphone App!.  Yes, we have a Spynergy 'app' for your iPhone or Android.  Just visit the app store and download it to your phone.  From your phone you can book spin classes, cancel classes, purchase rides, check your account and more!  Note: waitlist function is not available in app.



9) Families can share ride cards!.  Just let us know and we can "link" your ride card to others in your household so reservations for all members will be charged to the family ride package!


10) WEATHER POLICY:  Boston area is known for bad weather, but we rarely cancel....but in severe cases, any cancellations are instantly noted on the website....if you are not sure if a class is happening, visit the online schedule and check.


Contact us anytime by emailing: