May, Moms, Spring and more.....

The month of May with it’s tremendous burst of fresh energy is just what we need to refresh and renew our winter weary bodies.  We thinks it’s no accident that Mother’s Day happens to be in May!  The beautiful weather (okay on most days:), inspires us to lighten up and to de clutter from within and around us.  This mother’s day we suggest you try one new thing that might brighten up your special day just a touch more:)!  Here are some fabulous products and fun ideas that will make trying something new easy.

renu moms

A bright headband - Renu’s must have spin wardrobe item!  It not only keeps sweat away from your eyes, a colorful headband is a perfect accent to your spin attire, an instant way to get the “look” while bringing color indoors.

Waterproof eyeliner.  Laura Mercier caviar sticks have astounding staying power.
These work perfectly to get you through a spin class and onto your busy day. Our favorites colors are Sapphire and Jungle. They will accent any eye color.

Sai-Sei Mineral deep moisture body cream.  Sae-Sei means “rebirth and renewal”  This hydrating cream contains essential oils from Japanese ancient hot springs. This cream smells divine and actually makes your skin tingle.  It’s hydrating abilities are perfect for preparing your skin for Spring and summer. (Product can be found at Space N.K in Bloomingdales)

Candle-light Balance Lavender & Pachoulic.  Light this candle at dinner time in the kitchen right when the day can be hectic or place it on your night stand to light while you read.  The lavender scent will relax and sooth while the pachouli will inspire and rejuvenate.  (candle can be found at CVS)

Share the LOVE!  Bring a mom friend to Spynergy this Mother’s Day!  What a great way to celebrate and energize while having FUN!  Looking to mix things up a bit this season ~ try a short run before or after spin. Stretch.  Oh, need a good new song for inspiration?  Check out SUMMER by Calvin Harris.  We are loving it for Spinning and you will too!!!

Something yummy and good for you - Yep!  Try adding new ingredients to your favorite foods...Here are  some super easy ways to eat healthy:

  • Agave and Almond Butter on whole grain toast with freshly sliced banana - Yum!
  • Greek Yogurt Raita - Grated cucumber, fresh mint leaves in Greek yogurt with a hint of salt and  roasted cumin seeds.  Makes a great dip!
  • Pomegranate seeds will make any salad exciting!!!  Eat by the spoonful or add to your favorite salad for extra crunch and flavor.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day...You deserve it!


Fuel Your Ride

energy bar ingredients

 Happy National Nutrition Month®!


That’s right – March is National Nutrition Month®, and even though March is almost over, it’s gotten us thinking about the importance of properly powering your body and your ride at Spynergy.


If you ride with us, or you’re thinking about taking your first class, you’re already taking care of your fitness and fun needs.  But what about a third important F: fuel?


What is the ideal way to fuel your ride, and your day?


“The best thing to do is to keep your tank just above half-full all day long,” says new Spynergy rider and dietician/personal chef Jessica Krane, M.S., R.D.  “Our bodies are more efficient than we realize, and in order to protect us, our metabolisms will slow down to conserve energy if we don’t eat often enough.”


Sounds good to us! 


Just like Spinning®’s awesome after-burn effect, Jessica explains that “if we keep our blood sugars steady and consistent, our bodies will start to burn at a steady and consistent rate as well.  This means eating mini-meals every 2 – 3 hours.”


In an ideal world, Jessica recommends staying away from what many busy people rely on: processed, packaged foods, including energy bars.  An ideal replacement is to make your own energy bar, and we’ve included Jessica’s delicious recipe below.


If you need the convenience of a store-bought bar, Jessica recommends organic bars that don’t promise “to change your life and body in one serving.”  For a burst of extra energy, our bodies run best on complex carbohydrates and protein.  So any bar that says “muscle mania” or “power protein” is probably not what you need. A balanced energy bar like Lara Bar or Kind bars are two of Jessica’s favorites: pure and basic, not to mention pretty delicious. 


Jessica's Spynergy Energy BarsJessica’s Spynergy Energy Bar




1 cup Rolled Oats

½ cup 100% unprocessed wheat bran

¼ cup Pecans (or nut of your choice)

1 Tb Chia Seeds

2 Tbs Flax Seeds

4 – 6 pitted dates

2 egg whites

¼ cup honey

Strawberry (or other fruit) jam or compote




Preheat oven to 375º.


Put first six ingredients in a Vitamix or electric mixer. Blend until ground. Remove and put in a mixing bowl. Add egg whites and honey, mix well with wooden spoon and spoon into 8 x 8 baking dish pretreated with a non-stick cooking spray (Jessica likes Spectrum, available at Whole Foods).  Press mixture into dish, and spread fruit jam or compote on top (you can also keep them plain or experiment with other toppings).


Bake 20-25 minutes or until a bit crispy on the edges.  Let cool and harden and cut into bars.


Additional options:


  • Add all natural peanut, almond or cashew butter to the bar for an extra boost of protein and energy.
  • Add fruit, dried fruit, additional nuts or seeds to mixture before baking.


With significant experience in nutrition, health counseling and cooking, Jessica Krane, M.S., R.D., regularly contributes nutrition related topics to fitness and health magazines, websites and books.  As a dietitian, Jessica counsels patients on a range of health issues, including sports nutrition, obesity, weight loss, weight management, eating disorders, pre and post-natal nutrition, diabetes and coronary heart disease.  You can reach Jessica at, and can read more about her work at


Spynergy has provided indoor cycling classes to Wellesley, Needham, Natick, Weston, Wayland, Chestnut Hill, and other Boston area residents since 2005.  Join us for great music, great instructors, and a super community of riders having fun!



Spynergy strategies for surviving the "eating season"


squashHalloween marks the start of the traditional "eating" (or overeating) season.  The sugar-snacking from the halloween bowl leads directly into the Thanksgiving feasting week....followed closely by the Christmas, Hanukah and New Years calorie extravaganzas.  There are two ways we typically deal with this season ALL or NOTHING. 


Startegy A (ALL):  Total rules abandonment and submission to the urge for gluttony.  Short term gratification during the season is inevitably followed by a painful and desperate attempt to recoup in January.


Strategy B (NOTHING): Over-regulation and massive deprivation.  This is a stressfull and guilt-ridden approach that is almost always doomed doomed to failure


Hmmmmmm , how about a middle ground?  Enjoy the rich natural foods of the the season (in moderation). These include winter squash, cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, cranberries, turkey, legumes.  Also keep to a regular regimen of exercise ----- (preferably indoor cycling / spin classes but other things can suffice as well).   Make the commitment now, and schedule yourself to exercise.   Enjoy the holiday (eating) season with 3 watchwords:  moderation, moderation, moderation.




Exercise, indoor cycling, nutrition and weight loss


"...The best strategy for losing weight is to add in all the good foods and eventually they will start to crowd out the bad foods. Add foods that are not processed or man-made.  Add in fruits, nuts, seeds, and will start to feel so much better eating the good stuff that you won't want the bad stuff! .....taken from the book Hungry for Change....."

spin class and nutritionSet realistic consumption goals...don't starve yourself. 
   - No your serving and call it quits
   - No alcohol on Monday through Thursday
   - Crave sweets?  Try a healthy dessert:  apricots, blackberries,etc.
   - Need a cocktail?  Try club soda, lime, splash of cranberry

 Excercise really matters:
Obviously spinning is the best.....but think about adding more "steps" to your daily calorie burn. Little things add up:  

   - Park at the farthest end of the parking lot
   - Take the stairs, not the escalator / elevator
   - Pick one errand a week you can walk to
   - Take the dog for a longer walk than usual

"Food" movies you can watch to get psyched:
Documentaries: Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Hungry for Change, Food Inc., Food Matters, Forks over

The benefits of spin class and exercise are well documented, but unless that workout is accompanied by healthy eating, results will never be what you hope.