8 Tips...Enjoying Cycling Classes at CycleBar!

1)   Do the stretches.
  At the end of every CycleBar class there are 4-5 minutes of on-bike and off-bike stretches.  Don’t sneak out...DO the alexstretches.   It’s a great way to cool down from the class, to help your body recover gently,  and to minimize post-ride stiffness.

2)   “Share” your ride-card with your family.  Just let us know and we can link your accounts so the whole family can ride off of one ride package.  Come in together!

3)   Booking = Commitment.  Use the unique CycleBar online booking system (also available as Iphone or Android App),  to reserve your classes in advance.  By scheduling workouts, you are much more likely to view them as a commitment.  It works!

4)   Get more comfy.  Cycling shorts, cycling shoes, and lightweight breathable materials maximize your comfort so you can lose yourself in the class!

5)    Posture breaks.  This works!  Periodically sit up on the bike, twist your torso and roll your shoulders.  Just a brief moment several times in a class can provide huge relief to any back, neck or shoulder discomfort.

6)   Recommend music!   We love song and theme suggestions.  Next time Andyyou hear that perfect song for spin class, email us:

7)    Lose yourself.  Longtime CycleBar riders have reported that the studio provides a much needed sanctuary, and a respite from the stresses of day to day life.  Take some time for yourself, free your mind and take a much needed (mental) break!

8) Experiment with resistance. 
Pick a few spots to increase the resistance a little beyond your normal comfort zone.  Riding with higher levels of resistance makes you stronger and burns more calories....period.


5 Tips to Make Your Class Experience Better!

  1. Get Comfortable.  Be sure your bike settings are good (instructors will always help you with this if you are not sure).  The right settings minimize discomfort of your back, neck, shoulders, hips and knees. Cycling shorts make a big difference and be sure to wear thin layers that can be peeled off. 

  2. Become aware of your breathing.  Sounds simple, but unless you make a point of it, you will find yourself gasping unevenly.  When you steady and deepen your breathing, your body responds positively and your stamina increases.  Draw air deeply into your lungs...feel it "splashing" into your lower abdomen.

  3. Active recovery.  Everyone needs to recover.  These classes are largely interval training sessions (heavy exertion followed by recovery).  Instead of totally stopping, focus on shortening your recovery time and staying a bit active and 'engaged' during the recovery.  This will increase your fitness level.

  4. Let go mentally.  It is hard (but refreshing) to leave the "day to day" of our lives behind...even for a few moments.  One mental trick that can help is to become hyper-aware of the moment.  Concentrate relentlessly on your breathing, your muscles, your perspiration and your effort.  Before you know it, your are lost in the flow.  This is a good thing.

  5. Have Fun!  Get swept up, feel the energy, Smile!  Maybe it's a song, maybe it's something the instructor says, maybe it's just being happy to be swept up in the energy of the room.  So rarely do we get nonjudgmental moments that are truly our own.  Enjoy it!

CycleBar (formerly called Spynergy) is the Boston area's first and oldest dedicated cycling studio serving Wellesley, Newton, Needham, Weston, Dover, Natick and surrounding towns.  50+ bikes, 48 classes per week.  Come ride!


The Importance of Play



“A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal.”

                                                                    – Oscar Wilde

Last week, Bill brought a bit of St. Patrick’s Day fun to Spynergy, throwing a little party with Guinness as a post-class reward.  Fun is part of our mantra here at Spynergy, and if you’ve been to a class, you know how that fun feels.  But what you might not know is how psychologically and physically important it is to have fun – to play – as an adult.


As George Bernard Shaw said, “we don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Studies have shown that laughter and play help relieve physical pain, bring us happiness shovelin other areas of our lives, and increases immunity. Laughter reduces our levels of stress hormones (cortisol, epinephrine, dopamine and others) and increases hormones that boost health, like endorphins. Playing creates a stronger immune system, enhancing overall effectiveness of T cells by increasing our number of antibody-producing cells.


On days when you’re thinking that you’re just too busy at work to take time out for a Spin® class, think about this: research has shown that playing and having fun make you more creative, and increase your productivity. In fact, when adults play, the areas of the brain that increase mental clarity and memory light up.


In his Ted Talk on the importance of play for adults, Dr. Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play, explains that having fun is not just enjoyable, it’s essential.  “Nothing lights up the brain like play,” he says, going on to discuss play’s role in intelligence, social and emotional development, creativity and longevity.


There aren’t a lot of Spin® studios where you’ll laugh (while working harder than you thought possible) during an indoor cycling class, have your instructor pouring pints of Guinness after class, or whose Facebook page will showcase a photo of a shovel to make you laugh (so that you won’t cry) at the end of an endless winter. Join us at Spynergy this week, and light up your creative brain, improve your memory and immunity, and…have FUN!


Spynergy has provided indoor cycling classes to the communities of Wellesley, Needham, Natick, Wayland, Weston, Chestnut Hill and the greater Boston area since 2005.  Come ride with us for a great workout, great music and lots of fun!