A Small Local Studio Can Be a Community.......

We recently received an amazing note from a long time rider at our studio.  We were deeply moved and humbled.   It was about Tom Graboys, who died earlier this year.  Tom was a world-class cardiologist who was tragically struck with Parkinson's at an early age.  He loved spinning and music and attended our classes regularly for several years as he battled the disease.  The letter below was very simply about the power of a community doing something to help a struggling fellow rider, a fellow human being.


Alex and Bill,

Going through the mail that I don't get to during the week, I flipped through the Brigham and Women's glossy development magazine. This is not a publication that I ever read from cover to cover but a photo caught my eye. There was an article, in memoriam, of Dr. Thomas Graboys. It was accompanied by a photo of a man I recognized but did not know. When I realized that this piece was about Tom, the man I often saw at Cyclebar during the Spynergy days, I read on. The article was a beautiful description of a generous and brilliant doctor, felled in his prime by a progressive and destructive neurological disease. The Tom I knew was often accompanied to spin by a caretaker and over time I watched as his ability to walk and cycle and speak declined. It is inspiring to watch someone work so hard knowing that his life and spirit depend on it.

But what also struck me as I remembered Tom, was the generosity of the community at spin. Alex, I know he usually attended your classes, and the attention and love and respect given by you, set a wonderful tone for the class. Jody, most often, and Carri and many others helped get Tom set up and comfortable and prepared for the class and sometimes helped during the class. It created a camaraderie that I daresay you don't find anywhere else. I watch as people help welcome new spinners, and exchange friendly gestures. I see how hard the instructors work at getting to know people's names. Obviously, anyone can ride a stationary bike but no one can lead a group to become a community like you and your staff. You bring good people together.

So, this is just in remembrance of Tom and in gratitude that you all make a difference in a place like Wellesley and the other towns nearby. Please keep up the good work. No one does it better.

Kathleen Nilles