A Small Local Studio Can Be a Community.......

We recently received an amazing note from a long time rider at our studio.  We were deeply moved and humbled.   It was about Tom Graboys, who died earlier this year.  Tom was a world-class cardiologist who was tragically struck with Parkinson's at an early age.  He loved spinning and music and attended our classes regularly for several years as he battled the disease.  The letter below was very simply about the power of a community doing something to help a struggling fellow rider, a fellow human being.


Alex and Bill,

Going through the mail that I don't get to during the week, I flipped through the Brigham and Women's glossy development magazine. This is not a publication that I ever read from cover to cover but a photo caught my eye. There was an article, in memoriam, of Dr. Thomas Graboys. It was accompanied by a photo of a man I recognized but did not know. When I realized that this piece was about Tom, the man I often saw at Cyclebar during the Spynergy days, I read on. The article was a beautiful description of a generous and brilliant doctor, felled in his prime by a progressive and destructive neurological disease. The Tom I knew was often accompanied to spin by a caretaker and over time I watched as his ability to walk and cycle and speak declined. It is inspiring to watch someone work so hard knowing that his life and spirit depend on it.

But what also struck me as I remembered Tom, was the generosity of the community at spin. Alex, I know he usually attended your classes, and the attention and love and respect given by you, set a wonderful tone for the class. Jody, most often, and Carri and many others helped get Tom set up and comfortable and prepared for the class and sometimes helped during the class. It created a camaraderie that I daresay you don't find anywhere else. I watch as people help welcome new spinners, and exchange friendly gestures. I see how hard the instructors work at getting to know people's names. Obviously, anyone can ride a stationary bike but no one can lead a group to become a community like you and your staff. You bring good people together.

So, this is just in remembrance of Tom and in gratitude that you all make a difference in a place like Wellesley and the other towns nearby. Please keep up the good work. No one does it better.

Kathleen Nilles


Boston's First Indoor Cycling Studio Now Goes National

In January of 2005, we started a small family business in Wellesley called Spynergy....the Boston area's very first indoor cycling studio.  A loyal following of riders from Wellesley, Needham, Newton, Natick, Weston, conversion-slider_copySherborn, Dover and Boston quickly made the studio a hit.  We built the studio on a simple philosophy that is still in tact today:  "Great Workout / Great Fun".

In early 2015, after 10 years of operation, we embarked on a major national expansion by launching the first indoor cycling studio Franchise

CYCLEBAR.  As of this writing, we have sold over 100 franchise licenses in 21 pic2

This is a hugely exciting time for us---spreading the indoor cycling class experience we helped pioneer right here in Wellesley.  There are CycleBar indoor cycling studio franchises opening soon in Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Detroit, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, Omaha, Indianapolis, Phoenix, and dozens of other cities around the country.

If you know anyone who might be interested in a turnkey franchise for their area....shoot us a quick note:  To read more about CycleBar franchising, you can also visit  To read more about the whole phenomena of indoor cycling studios, take a look at


OUR Studio - YOUR Cause - CycleGiving!

Hundreds of local causes and charities have used our studio to raise money over the past few the first quarter of 2017, we have run 24 events raising over $26,000.  In these "CycleGiving Rides"....100% of the proceeds go directly to the charity.  We love using our studio this way.

Do you have a cause?  It's simple
   1) you invite riders to the studio
   2) you charge guests whatever you feel is right
   3) we provide the facility and the instructor
   4) serve wine or refreshments...have a cool "event"
   4) 100% of the money goes to the cause.  No catch, no fee.

It's a WIN-WIN.   Here are a few of the  groups that have used CycleBar in recent months:

  1. Beat up Cancer (Joe Andruzzi foundation)
  2. Wellesley ABC
  3. Wellesley and Needham
    PTO Rides
    (Sprague, Fiske, Newman, etc)
  4. Go Red Rides (American Heart Association)
  5. Pedal for Gabe (Boston Childrens Hospital)
  6. Polar Plunge Rider (special Olympics)
  7. Wellesley ABC (A Better Chance)
  8. ACHIEVE (In memory of Casey Dunne)
  9. Relay for Life (American Cancer Society)
  11. Tufts Marathon(Childhood Obesity Research)
  12. Lewy Body Dementia Association (April 30th)
  13. Ride for Denna Laing (for Denna's family helping Denna recover from a severe spinal injury)
    BtoBeach for Autism
    This class raised a good chunk of money for Autism research and raised awareness about the annual outdoor ride that is a huge Autism fundraiser

    Class riders donated on a per-bike basis to raise funds that help homeless families in Massachusetts.

    A CycleBar rider active with the boosters, took it upon herself to organize a fundraiser to help with clean up funding in the aftermath of our epic winter.

    Awesome classes to bring parents together and raise money for the PTC or special causes within the school.  

    One of our most well-supported rides, multiple riders have used the studio to invite friends and family as part of their fundraising efforts Dana Farber 

    20 year old Needham organization that provides diapers and other basics to working poor in Needham, Dedham and Boston.

    Locally organized to help youth and families struggling with a variety of addictions and related issues.

Contact: for complete details on running your own event at CycleBar Wellesley


The Spirit of the Marathon

Today was an inspirational day. Yes, watching the elite athletes --- but we're truly astounded by the grit, sweat, suffering and resolve by tens of thousands of dedicated runners. These folks run purely for the challenge, purely for the joy, purely out of guts. Think about the cumulative training hours through one of the worst winters in history. All of us in the CycleBar community salute the incredible spirit of the Marathon! (If you us for a free 'recovery' ride!).

There is a fitness community in Wellesley like few others.  Fitness studios, a cycling studio, a running and fitness mentality.  CycleBar is on the Marathon course, and all winter we note runners dancing through the snow drifts and ice piles to get the miles in before April!  What drives them?  Yes there is a health and fitness mentality, but it's much more than's a drive to challenge and's deep in the human spirit.  We salute you Marathoners!!!


8 Tips...Enjoying Cycling Classes at CycleBar!

1)   Do the stretches.
  At the end of every CycleBar class there are 4-5 minutes of on-bike and off-bike stretches.  Don’t sneak out...DO the alexstretches.   It’s a great way to cool down from the class, to help your body recover gently,  and to minimize post-ride stiffness.

2)   “Share” your ride-card with your family.  Just let us know and we can link your accounts so the whole family can ride off of one ride package.  Come in together!

3)   Booking = Commitment.  Use the unique CycleBar online booking system (also available as Iphone or Android App),  to reserve your classes in advance.  By scheduling workouts, you are much more likely to view them as a commitment.  It works!

4)   Get more comfy.  Cycling shorts, cycling shoes, and lightweight breathable materials maximize your comfort so you can lose yourself in the class!

5)    Posture breaks.  This works!  Periodically sit up on the bike, twist your torso and roll your shoulders.  Just a brief moment several times in a class can provide huge relief to any back, neck or shoulder discomfort.

6)   Recommend music!   We love song and theme suggestions.  Next time Andyyou hear that perfect song for spin class, email us:

7)    Lose yourself.  Longtime CycleBar riders have reported that the studio provides a much needed sanctuary, and a respite from the stresses of day to day life.  Take some time for yourself, free your mind and take a much needed (mental) break!

8) Experiment with resistance. 
Pick a few spots to increase the resistance a little beyond your normal comfort zone.  Riding with higher levels of resistance makes you stronger and burns more calories....period.


Our Studio....Your Event

CycleBar (formerly Spynergy), has been home to a variety of special events over the years. We have excess studio time and are happy to make it available to our riders! Raising money via indoor cycling class --- great fun! 

We've held events for the Pan Mass Challenge, The MS150, the Brain Tumor Ride*, various Wellesley Schools, ONE Boston, Cystic Fibrosis and many more.  It's simple 
  1. -  We provide the facility, the instructor and an awesome class (and after-party!)
  2. -  You invite participants from your community...and collect "per bike" donations
  3. -  You keep 100% of the money collected for your cause
Parties / Outings / Team-Builders / Company events 

If you want a fun, healthy, unique outing for your group or organization....the studio is available for rental.  We provide the facility and instCycleBar Brain Tumor bring the party!  You are welcome to bring refreshments, wine and beer as part of your event!  We've hosted birthday parties, anniversaries, even bachelorette parties!  What a great way to start an evening of partying!

Note:  Our 55 inch video screens can be used for photo-montages or video presentations as well......We can also handle online signup function for your event


Yes, we have an App to help you book classes!

app pic2When you "schedule" your workout, you are much more likely to actually do it, and CycleBar has made that process incredibly easy.  With the CycleBar can literally book a class in less than 5 seconds.  Of course you can always view the full schedule, and you can also make purchases.   Further (if you so desire), you can have that class booking added to your personal calendar!
Here's how it works:

     Step 1 - go to App Store (Apple or Android), and search on CycleBar
     Step 2 - download the App (select Wellesley as your location)
     Step 3 - Log-in using your CycleBar log-in info 
     Step 4 - your app is ready! no more logging in, just book classes and make purchases with a few taps!

If you have any questions at all, just email us at
App pic_copy


4 Tips: Create Positive Habits....Reach Your Goals

  • Focus on the process. Studies have shown that focusing on the process leading to a goal, rather than the outcome alone, leads to more effective change. At CycleBar, the “process” is balex-billooking classes in advance! Visit your android or iPhone app store to dowload the CycleBarr App!

  • Book in advance!. Derail the existing habit(s) that are keeping you from reaching your goals. Most of us start strong, but then life gets in the way. Once it’s in your schedule, you are less likely to make other plans at that time, and much more likely to show up. Put a “recurring appointment” in your calendar

  • Repeat, repeat, repeat. It takes anywhere from 15 – 254 days to form a new habit. Luckily, endorphins, great music and fun teachers make our classes fly by, and before you know it, you’ll be at day 255 with a two-class-a-week habit.

  • Enlist a friend. This is a big one. When you pair up, you’re more likely to make it to class or the gym. One recent study of married couples found that if only one partner embarked on a fitness plan, the dropout rate was 43% after 12 months. But if both partners participated, only 6% dropped out! So find a friend and head to CycleBar and The Local for your date nights (they don’t mind if you’re a little sweaty – we might know this from experience).
CycleBar (formerly known as Spynergy Wellesley), is a 10-year old indoor cycling studio providing high energy classes in an intimate studio environment.  Our unique 'pay-per-class' system is accessed online or through an app making booking and purchasing highly convenient.  Serving Wellesley, Needham, Weston, Newton, Dover, Natick, Chestnut Hill and surrounding communities.  Come Ride With Us!


S.M.A.R.T approach to New Years Resolutions


While New Year’s resolutions might be a little bit cliché, most of us make them – even if we do so subconsciously.  And chances are good that if you are like most Americans, your 2015 resolution was to:

·       Lose weightAlex_copy3

·       Enjoy life to the fullest

·       Get or Stay fit and healthy

The vast majority of resolutions fall into these three categories, and luckily, CycleBar can help you with all of them.  John Norcross, Ph.D., came up with the acronym SMART as a way meet New Year’s goals:

SPECIFIC:  Instead of "Get in Shape" try "Sign up for Tuesday class at CycleBar for 8 weeks"

MEASURABLE:  Increase my highest watts (how hard I’m working) each week from X to Y (rather than “get in better shape”)

ATTAINABLE:  Add 1 CycleBar class to my weekly workout schedule (rather than “fit into college-size jeans by reunion”) 

RELEVANT: Burn 750 extra calories per week (one more CycleBar class and one less cookie!) rather than “get skinny this year”

TIME-SPECIFIC: Try two new classes and two new healthy recipes by March 1 (rather than “eat healthier and exercise more”)

Follow these SMART principles, and it’s much more likely that you’ll reach your goal, and in 2016, you won’t be making the same old resolution again. Fortunately spin classes can help!

CycleBar (formerly Spynergy) has been providing indoor cycling classes at our studio since 2005.  We have a simple philosophy:  Great Workout, Great Fun.  Serving Wellesley, Needham, Newton, Natick, Weston, Dover, Chestnut Hill and surrounding communities.


5 Tips to Make Your Class Experience Better!

  1. Get Comfortable.  Be sure your bike settings are good (instructors will always help you with this if you are not sure).  The right settings minimize discomfort of your back, neck, shoulders, hips and knees. Cycling shorts make a big difference and be sure to wear thin layers that can be peeled off. 

  2. Become aware of your breathing.  Sounds simple, but unless you make a point of it, you will find yourself gasping unevenly.  When you steady and deepen your breathing, your body responds positively and your stamina increases.  Draw air deeply into your lungs...feel it "splashing" into your lower abdomen.

  3. Active recovery.  Everyone needs to recover.  These classes are largely interval training sessions (heavy exertion followed by recovery).  Instead of totally stopping, focus on shortening your recovery time and staying a bit active and 'engaged' during the recovery.  This will increase your fitness level.

  4. Let go mentally.  It is hard (but refreshing) to leave the "day to day" of our lives behind...even for a few moments.  One mental trick that can help is to become hyper-aware of the moment.  Concentrate relentlessly on your breathing, your muscles, your perspiration and your effort.  Before you know it, your are lost in the flow.  This is a good thing.

  5. Have Fun!  Get swept up, feel the energy, Smile!  Maybe it's a song, maybe it's something the instructor says, maybe it's just being happy to be swept up in the energy of the room.  So rarely do we get nonjudgmental moments that are truly our own.  Enjoy it!

CycleBar (formerly called Spynergy) is the Boston area's first and oldest dedicated cycling studio serving Wellesley, Newton, Needham, Weston, Dover, Natick and surrounding towns.  50+ bikes, 48 classes per week.  Come ride!