The CycleBar Ride (formerly The Spynergy Ride)

When people ask “what are your classes like?”…’s a hard question to answer. We like to think all our classes have 2 things in common 1) they’re great workouts, 2) they’re great fun.

BUT…..we don’t have a standard formula (like many studios) so classes vary widely.

You cannot generalize about The CycleBar Ride because every instructor has the freedom to create their own experience. Each instructor has “tools”: music, video, performance metrics, choreography, hand weights…..and each instructor uses these tools to create their own unique class experience. Here is a classic example from Renu”

“………As teachers, we seek to evolve our style to keep our classes exciting, engaging and fresh……I have recently added some new elements to my well established profiles, I took a little risk……this summer I re-imagined what an even more fun ride would be - something that is still authentic, but also adventurous. In short, I "RENUvated" my ride by adding select upper body moves while cycling that would elevate heart rate to new heights, engage core plus arms and, allow riders to immerse themselves in rhythmic movements that are both challenging and soothing………These moves are just a fresh "add-on" and by no means a departure from my typical ride…..the class still features high intensity, beat driven, FUN!.....Give it a try!......”

We pride ourselves on a variety of classes --- multiple music genres, different class elements, musical theme classes, and most of all, a variety of instructor styles.  Thanks for exploring our classes!