Burn Baby Burn: How to Make the Most of Your Workout

SPF 15...30...70.  If you don't want your skin to burn, you have plenty of options. But with a workout, we all want the burn to go on for as long as possible. And with an interval workout like the one you get at CycleBar (Formerly Spynergy Wellesley), you'll not only torch a ton of calories, you'll continue to burn more for hours after you get off the bike.


Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) - known to most of us as afterburn - is scientifically proven.  In different studies, participants burned as many as 300-700 calories more in the 24 hours after they finished exercising.  Some keys to maximizing this benefit:


  • Work harder.  Not surprisingly, the harder you work during a workout, the better the afterburn.  While moderate exercise provides almost no afterburn, spend 45 minutes in a class like Spynergy's Surge 45, and after you leave, you'll continue to burn hundreds of calories more than you would have if you'd taken a walk.


  • Drink water. In one study, drinking 17 ounces of water before a workout resulted in a 30% metabolic rate increase, which peaked about 30 minutes into the workout.  So fill up at our water cooler before class, and keep drinking afterward.


  • Do intervals.  If you've seen the countdown screen for Tabata time in Bev's class, you know what we're talking about.  If not, it's time to try it.  Intervals throw your body out of homeostasis, and it can take up to 24 hours to restore balance.  Sounds bad, but it's actually very good for your fitness levels and calorie burn. 


  • Eat Well.  Afterburn isn't a license to supersize it (unless you want to supersize yourself). 


Join us and earn your afterburn!  CycleBar (formerly Spynergy Wellesley) has been providing fun, inspired indoor cycling classes to our neighbors in Wellesley, Natick, Weston, Wayland, Newton, Needham, Chestnut Hill and other Boston area towns since 2005.



Happy Father's Day!

If you’re a Dad, or someone who is looked up to as a father figure, Spynergy salutes you today! And while we’re thinking about Dads, who are usually busy, and not always as good about taking care of themselves as they once were, we thought we’d share a few reasons indoor cycling at Spynergy is an ideal workout for men:


1)  It’s hard.  A lot of us associate exercise with August double sessions, varsity try-outs and our inner college athlete.  If you want to work the way you used to, without the mean coaches and stress of getting cut, join us.


2)  It’s efficient.  You’re likely to burn about 400-800 calories in a 50-minute class at Spynergy, which means: Beef. Instead of chicken, it can be what’s for dinner. And if you ride with us regularly, you just might be able to look and feel more like your inner college athlete again.



3) It's fun.  The science shows that you’ll leave with a natural high, and we promise that time will fly by, and you’ll like the music. And contrary to what you might believe, at Spynergy, it’s likely that you won’t be the only guy here. 




     CycleBar (formerly Spynergy Wellesley) has been providing fun, inspired indoor cycling classes to our neighbors in Wellesley, Natick, Weston, Wayland, Newton, Needham, Chestnut Hill and other Boston area towns since 2005.



Meet our Wellesley neighbor Bodyscapes. Special Deal for Spynergy Riders. Transform your body


Our next door neighbor in Wellesley, Bodyscapes, is offering small group personal training immediately after Spynergy classes.  Complement Spynergy's amazing cardio workout with a TRUE full body workout.  Limited time offer.  Stop by Bodyscapes in Wellesley for details.
NOTE:  Group training times are set up specifically to run immediately after Spynergy class.  Taking spin class first is requirement for getting this special rate.



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These Shoes Were Made for Cyclin'

spikes and bike


Well, maybe those shoes weren't. 


But whether you’re new to indoor cycling or have been riding at CycleBar (Formerly Spynergy) for a while, you can use muscles more efficiently, ride with less pain and generate more power – all by going shoe shopping!  Seen people in class, and our instructors, with cycling shoes, and wondered whether they’re worth it?


“I don’t indoor cycle that often – do I really need a cycling shoe?”


While you can certainly get a great workout in sneakers, and all you really need for a class at Spynergy is a good attitude and the ability to show up, cycling shoes offer several key benefits:


  • Pain reduction
  • Increased power and efficiency through the entire pedal stroke
  • Increased stability on the bike


"Proper shoes are the most important piece of cycling equipment," says Matthew McMullen, of Landry's Bicycles. "Cycling shoes have a firm sole to efficiently transfer power from your feet to the pedals. The lack of support in sneakers allows the foot to collapse through the arch while pedaling, which may cause arch pain, tendon problems, or burning under the bottom of the foot." 


Cycling shoes are much stiffer than sneakers, and are designed for what your body does on a bike (not while it's walking or running).  If you have foot or knee pain when you cycle, a professionally-fit cycling shoe could help. You’ll also get much more out of the “pull” part of the pedal stroke if you’re clipped in with cycling shoes, meaning that you'll not only work your quads, but your hamstrings and glutes as you pull up on the pedal. 


“How do I know what kind of shoe to buy?”spin shoe


We recommend that you visit a quality cycling store like Landry’s on Rt. 9 in Natick.  The professionals there can assess your needs and your feet, and fit you in a shoe that will work on our bikes (any shoe that is SPD® (Shimano Pedal Design) compatible – will work).  Plus, Landry's will give you a 15% discount for being a Spynergy rider.


Because everyone’s feet are different, it’s important to get your cycling shoes professionally fitted so that the cleat will be in the right place underneath your foot.  This will reduce or eliminate knee and foot strain and pain.


Be sure to mention that you’ll be using the shoes for indoor cycling – while you can certainly use your Spin® shoes for road biking, road cycling shoes often have cleats that protrude and soles that are too slippery for walking around inside Spynergy. 


CycleBar (formerly Spynergy Wellesley) has been providing fun, inspired indoor cycling classes to our neighbors in Wellesley, Natick, Weston, Wayland, Newton, Needham, Chestnut Hill and other Boston area towns since 2005.



Because I'm Happy (or I Will Be)

sunny sand


It’s June! It’s summer!  We’re happy!


Which got us thinking, naturally, about indoor cycling and being happy.  At this time of year,  some riders start taking their workouts outdoors when they can.  Many of us, however, don’t work quite as hard out there on our own as we do when Alex, Bill, Renu, Bev, Andy or Jake – or any of the great instructors at Spynergy – are leading and pushing us to give it even more than we thought we had.


Taking it to this next level is the key to releasing the Happy Hormones: endorphins.  When you work as hard as you do at Spynergy, your body will release endorphins, which will do lots of wonderful things, including:


1)      Suppress pain.  Endorphins are released by your pituitary gland when you (really) exert yourself. When you work as hard as you do in a Spin® class, your body is in a state where it’s expecting pain, so it releases endorphins to decrease pain.  Endorphins act just like opiates – without addiction.


2)      Create euphoria!  Runner’s high without the run?  That’s right!  Work hard with us this week, and get a guaranteed, free and addictiveless high.



3)      Make you happy :) Just as prescription anti-depressants work on your serotonin levels, so does the release of endorphins.  Studies show that just three indoor cycling workouts a week are as effective as the best anti-depressants. You don’t just feel good after a Spynergy class because you’ve worked out, you feel good because your body is releasing happy hormones.


Spynergy Wellesley has been providing our neighbors in Wellesley, Natick, Newton, Chestnut Hill, Wayland, Weston, Dover, Sherborn and other Boston-area towns with great music and super instructors leading fun indoor cycling classes since 2005.  Come ride with us!