Meet Your Instructor: Ten Questions for Renu




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Want to know more about your instructor before or after taking a class at Spynergy? Today we talk with Renu Shukla, a dedicated indoor cycling instructor with more than a decade of experience.



1. List your five favorite songs:

Yellow by Coldplay, Jai Ho by A. R Rahman, Lose Yourself by Eminem, Every Breath you take by Puff Daddy and Sting, Just Breathe by Pearl Jam


2.  Describe the flow of the music in your class/how you come up with a playlist:

I focus on creating seamless transitions where ending of the last song is a logical beginning of the next.  Each Playlist tells a story!  The playlist is the heart and soul of each workout – it’s a purposeful collection of songs/videos that seeks to energize, engage and challenge riders. 


I am inspired by “The Voice” - I often find songs from past decades that are very “spin worthy” through this show.


3. Guilty music pleasure?

“Call me Maybe” - Carly Rae Jepson


4. What I know as a cycling instructor that you don’t know:

I always know when you don’t have enough resistance on that fly wheel!  


5. It drives me crazy when: I see riders in my class: are texting, or pedaling backwards or even worse - texting while pedaling backwards...

But I love it when:  riders in my class take a collective sigh of relief after a seven minute climb!


6. What’s the secret, and what's your mantra?

It takes hard work each day.  Mix it up, Amp it up.  Always doing the same things will never get you different results.  My mantra?  Go Hard - You can do anything for two minutes...and Nothing Changes unless Something Changes.


7. The best nutrition/health tips I've gotten:

1) Good oils are healthy for you and do not make you fat; 2)  add heat to your food with herbs and spices, because this helps metabolize fat plus it makes food tastes better!


8. Top 5 movies: 

Slumdog Millionaire, ShawShank Redemption, Home Alone I, Thelma and Louise, Frozen


9. Place you’ve visited that you’d go back to?

I was born in India, I left in 1986, and I haven't been back.  I long to visit.


10. What’s different about CycleBar classes?

It's more than a class - it's a place where you are always striving to create the best experience for your riders!  In return, you receive enormous appreciation, loyalty and gratitude from your classes. 


CycleBar Wellesley has offered fun, energetic and inclusive indoor cycling classes to our neighbors in Wellesley, Needham, Newton, Weston, Dover, Sherborn, Natick, Wayland, Chestnut Hill and other Boston area towns since 2005.  Come ride with us!



Shazam! Finding Great Music for Your Workout

shazam_copySpring has finally sprung, and although the birds might be up a little earlier than we’d like to be, they sure sound wonderful.  Their songs got us thinking about new music – and helping you find new music.  We frequently post playlists from class here or on Facebook.  While there’s usually a mix of songs you’ll recognize, the playlists are also a great way to find new music.


If you’re like us, you remember setting your big brother’s tape recorder up in front of your radio to tape American Top 40 so you could see what new music you liked (or what everyone else liked) before heading to Strawberries Record & Tape to fork over your allowance for Shaun Cassidy’s latest (er, only) 8-track.


And if you know what the hell we’re talking about, you might not know about Shazam. No, it's not a goofy 80s TV show. 


new shazam

It’s an amazing app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device that lets you figure out what that cool song you’re listening to is.  You’re in Whole Foods.  Or City Sports.  Or your daughter’s room.  You hear the song, you touch the Shazam button, and shazam! You’ve got the song name and artist (and a link to iTunes so you can add it to a playlist).


Not that we’ve done this, but don’t try humming or singing that catchy song tune while shazamming – we know you're pitch perfect, but Shazam isn’t quite that advanced.



Spynergy Wellesley has been offering indoor cycling classes to our neighbors in Wellesley, Needham, Newton, Weston, Wayland, Dover, Sherborn, Natick and other Boston-area towns since 2005.  We offer great music, inspired instructors and a fun class atmosphere – come ride with us!



May, Moms, Spring and more.....

The month of May with it’s tremendous burst of fresh energy is just what we need to refresh and renew our winter weary bodies.  We thinks it’s no accident that Mother’s Day happens to be in May!  The beautiful weather (okay on most days:), inspires us to lighten up and to de clutter from within and around us.  This mother’s day we suggest you try one new thing that might brighten up your special day just a touch more:)!  Here are some fabulous products and fun ideas that will make trying something new easy.

renu moms

A bright headband - Renu’s must have spin wardrobe item!  It not only keeps sweat away from your eyes, a colorful headband is a perfect accent to your spin attire, an instant way to get the “look” while bringing color indoors.

Waterproof eyeliner.  Laura Mercier caviar sticks have astounding staying power.
These work perfectly to get you through a spin class and onto your busy day. Our favorites colors are Sapphire and Jungle. They will accent any eye color.

Sai-Sei Mineral deep moisture body cream.  Sae-Sei means “rebirth and renewal”  This hydrating cream contains essential oils from Japanese ancient hot springs. This cream smells divine and actually makes your skin tingle.  It’s hydrating abilities are perfect for preparing your skin for Spring and summer. (Product can be found at Space N.K in Bloomingdales)

Candle-light Balance Lavender & Pachoulic.  Light this candle at dinner time in the kitchen right when the day can be hectic or place it on your night stand to light while you read.  The lavender scent will relax and sooth while the pachouli will inspire and rejuvenate.  (candle can be found at CVS)

Share the LOVE!  Bring a mom friend to Spynergy this Mother’s Day!  What a great way to celebrate and energize while having FUN!  Looking to mix things up a bit this season ~ try a short run before or after spin. Stretch.  Oh, need a good new song for inspiration?  Check out SUMMER by Calvin Harris.  We are loving it for Spinning and you will too!!!

Something yummy and good for you - Yep!  Try adding new ingredients to your favorite foods...Here are  some super easy ways to eat healthy:

  • Agave and Almond Butter on whole grain toast with freshly sliced banana - Yum!
  • Greek Yogurt Raita - Grated cucumber, fresh mint leaves in Greek yogurt with a hint of salt and  roasted cumin seeds.  Makes a great dip!
  • Pomegranate seeds will make any salad exciting!!!  Eat by the spoonful or add to your favorite salad for extra crunch and flavor.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day...You deserve it!


Meet Your Instructor: Ten Questions for Bill

Bill 1_Spynergy_Portraits_405


Want to know a little more about your instructor before you take a class?  Or maybe after you’ve taken a class? 

We thought it would be fun to get to know the Spynergy instructors a little better, and will start with Bill Pryor, co-owner of Spynergy Wellesley, CEO of fun and fitness here, and teacher of frequently sold-out classes. Here’s Bill, in the first of our Mad Libs Meets 20 Questions, on Music:


1) If you (or your class) was a radio station, what would it be?


No one station.  It would be an eclectic mix of 5 different XM radio stations and 9 different Pandora sub-genres.  Common thread?  Rhythmic, emotionally resonating music that hits you in the gut.


2) If you go to hell  ______________ will be playing live 24/7 (and there won’t be any earplugs available) : 

Carly Jepson (sp?)


3) If you go to heaven _____________ will be playing live, 24/7

Interesting covers of Bob Dylan songs


4) You’re headed out for a cruise with Gilligan. Which albums (okay, or singles on your playlist) do you bring for life on the desert island?


10 carefully selected Live Grateful Dead shows


5) Describe the flow of the music in your class/how you come up with a playlist:


Each class is slightly different in rhythm, but generally I like to ease into the workout with something a bit gentler, then gradually ramp things to a frenzy.  Also, each class has an “in-the-dark” segment about 2/3s thru so that people can enjoy the sensation of losing themselves for a few moments of their crazy day.  I try to finish with something joyous/uplifiting to send folks away smiling……


6) Where do you find new music? 


XM Radio, Pandora, Spotify, My 20-something daughters, and “Shazamming” in weird places like City Sports, Anthropology and random bars and restaurants


7) I’m embarrassed to admit that I paid to see:


Kool and the Gang live


8) First concert ever attended? 


Santana / Humble Pie


9) Guilty music pleasure?


80’s synth rock (Bronsky Beat, Human League, Petshop Boys)


10) Bill Gates:rich :: _________ : music


Bob Dylan/Eric Clapton

Spynergy Wellesley has been providing great music, instructors and fun to our neighbors in Wellesley, Dover, Sherborn, Natick, Wayland, Weston, Newton, Chestnut Hill and other Boston-area towns since 2005.  Come ride with us!