Winter Workout Option: Supplement Your Run with Indoor Cycling


Icy Run PhotoBaby, It’s Cold (and wet, icy, snowy and generally gross) Outside


If you’re a runner, you’ve seen some interesting obstacles out there lately.  Snow banks making their way over sidewalks and into roads, icy brown road chunk where the plow didn’t quite get down to street level, rivers of melt that freeze overnight and… more snow. Or, maybe, for the millionth day in a row, you’re seeing the front of your treadmill.



Spynergy has a dry, comfortable cure for exercise cabin fever: ride with us.


How will a class at Spynergy compare to your run?


Similar Calorie Burn


A 50-minute class at Spynergy can burn 600-800 calories for most of us. Running for 50 minutes at a 9 minute-mile pace burns about 600 calories (for a 150-pound runner), and running at a 7 minute-mile pace will burn about 800 calories in 50 minutes.


With great music, a great instructor and a class environment, you’re more likely to work harder for longer than you would on your treadmill.  And you won’t have to stop to step around a snow bank.


Similar Cardiovascular Benefit


The HiiT (high-intensity interval training) workout of a Spin® class produces the same cardiovascular challenges you’ll find outside running hills, or on a treadmill (if you amp up the speed and incline).  In a Spynergy class, you’ll combine two key cardiovascular challenges: working close to your VO2 max, and training in intervals.  The harder your muscles work, the more oxygen they consume – your VO2 max refers to the highest amount of oxygen consumed by the body during exercise. This creates an afterburn, which can last up to 48 hours after you finish exercising.  Combine this with intervals – which boost metabolism and build lean muscle more effectively than steady-state training, and you maximize fat burning and muscle building.


Fewer Injuries with Indoor Cycling


While running and indoor cycling will burn similar calories and increase your cardio fitness, one category that is solidly in Spynergy’s corner is working out injury-free.  Spinning® is easier on joints, and research shows that it does not cause as much muscle soreness.  There’s a reason there’s Runner’s Knee and Tennis Elbow but no Cyclist’s Anything.


More FUN!


It’s been scientifically proven that 50 minutes at Spynergy fly by much faster than 50 minutes on a treadmill. 


Okay, well, maybe that study hasn’t been completed yet, but great tunes, a few videos, a motivational coach inspiring you, and a cell phone-less, darkened room (which lets you get away just like you do when you run) are a sure cure for February’s cabin fever.


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Spynergy has provided indoor cycling classes for Wellesley, Newton, Needham, Boston, Chestnut Hill, Weston, Natick and Metro West since 2005. Spynergy provides a great cardio workout, great fitness and great fun!


Spynergy Cycling Classes: creativity creates energy!


A Spynergy goal is to allow instructors to create.   We hope each Spynergy class has something unique to offer - an outlet for each teacher’s individual expression through music and video, as well as their language, energy and enthusiasm.  Renu Shukla has steadily evolved as a Spynergy instructor, here she commments on this process:

"  As a Spynergy teacher, I have full freedom to create my classes using a wide range of cycling profiles and music of my choice!  This freedom motivates me to be creative, flexible and to take  risks! Musical diversity keeps our classes fresh, engaging and FUN!  "


Theme classes are another great way for teachers to express their passion for a certain artist, genre or era...Riders look forward to theme classes with anticipation and become even more invested in their workout!  Recent examples include Renu's "Chakra Energy Ride", Bill's "Music throught the decades", and Mandy's "Tina Turner versus Beyonce".

Here's an interesting playlist from Renu's Spin Class (Jan 4, 2014) ... some truly classic clips and awesome commercials!   The Playlist was inspired by Apple's crisp, clever and never cliche music preferences and is a  diverse and eclectic mix of music from Apple advertising campaigns over the past 30 years.




Spynergy has provided cycling classes for Wellesley, Needham, Boston, Chestunut Hill, Weston, Natick Newoton and Metro West since 2005. Great cardio workout, great fitness great fun!