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Yeah, yeah, yeah.....we now have a Spynergy App!  We are the first cycling studio in the Boston area and the first spin studio in Boston to have an App!     How cool is that?  In 2005 you signed up by calling the studio, or sending an email.  In 2007 you could go to a website.  Now you can book classes (and cancel, and buy ride cards, and more)....from your PHONE.  We think having an App is great, but most of all we are happy because it makes our customers lives easier...We are all about making your life easier and better. 

Visit the iPhone App store, or the Android App Market and download the Spynergy App TODAY!

 Here is what you can now do from your iPhone or Android:

  • Sign-in to your Spynergy account
  • Set up an account if you are new
  • View your schedule
  • Sign-up / reserve spots
  • Reservations are auto-posted to calendar / ical)
  • Read teacher and class descriptions
  • Check your account (visits, schedule, attendance, purchases)
  • Purchase any class or class package
  • View special promotions
  • Share their booking details on Facebook
  • Contact you directly



Spynergy Wait List --- How Does it Work?


Here at our Wellesley Cycling Studio, many of our classes sell out.....but we also get cancellations and have a waitlist feature that allows people on the waitlist to move into openings created by cancels.  Here is how it works!

1) When you try to sign up for a sold out class, you will be asked if you would like to be added to the wait list.  (NOTE:  each class has a limited number of slots on the wait if the wait list is full, you will not be able to sign up for that class.....try another class)

2) If you clear the wait list you will receive an email and you are automatically in….no confirmation or further action is required. 

3) Wait list feature closes 12 hours before class....if you have not received an email by then, you are not booked into the class.....BUT you are still on the wait list should you choose to show up and take your chances on no-shows.

4) You must cancel if you no longer wish to ride in the class otherwise you will be charged.

5)  Walk-ins are always welcome.  If a class is sold out, empty bikes will be given first to wait listers that are present, and next to walk-ins.

NOTE:  Please do not add yourself to multiple waitlists on same day!

If you have any questions at all just email

Thanks for riding with us!


Spynergy Theme Cycling Classes Inspire Riders!

In past years, Spynergy Wellesley has played host to a variety of workout experiences designed to inspire you, make you fit, make you laugh and help you have fun!   In addition to our normal lineup of high-energy, interval training spin classes -- we threw in some whimsical themes and routines to keep riders amused.  The benefits of spin class are are physical as well as mental and emotional!

  • Downton Abby
  • Battle of the Generationsspin class music
  • The Instrumentalists
  • Tina Turner vs. Beyonce
  • 70 minutes of 70's music                             
  • 60 minutes of 60's music
  • BRUUCE (All Springsteen)
  • End-of-the-World Ride (Mayan Calendar)
  • Glee Special
  • Grateful Dead Spin
  • St Paddy's Day Ride
  • One Hit Wonders
  • Rock Legends
  • Sibling Rivalry (Bill vs Alex)
  • The Great Grammy Challenge
  • Boston Strong


Theme Cycling Class / Battle of the Generations

Mick jagger spin studio theme


Bill (child of the 60's / 70's) and and his daughter Katie (child of the 90's / 00's) challenged eachother to a Spynergy grudge match featuring classic music of both eras.  With two bikes on the stage, and the songs cued up......the barbs were flying "....Dad, you have no recollection of those years anyway.....", and the workout was intense.   Indoor cycling and Spin® classes in Wellesley can be fun!  A few highlights:

  • Start Me Up (Rolling Stones)   VS    Jock Jams (Remix)
  • Good Vibrations (Beach Boys)  VS   Good Vibrations (Marky Mark)
  • Oye Como Va (Santana)  VS   I Like How it Feels  (Pitbull)
  • Could you be Loved (Marley)  VS  Wavin the Flan (K'naan)
  • Sgt Pepper (Beatles) VS  Fix You (Coldplay)
  • Listen to the Music (Doobie Bros) VS  Mr. Brightside (Killers)


To finish off the playlist, there was a Cross-Generational version of Gimme Shelter featuring Bono, Mick Jagger, Fergie and Will.I.Am (Black Eyed Peas).  Winner?  Everyone was a winner.  We decided that each generation has it's own mix of quality music and pop one-hits!   How about 60s VS 80s?   COLDPLAY:  Legitimate 90s music:


5 Great Reasons to Spin during Summer

Summer Spin classes, indoor cycling
1) Sometimes it's just too freakin' hot outside.....but getting a great cardio workout still gives you awesome energy, burns calories and makes you feel good.
2) You need to occasionally get "off the grid".....if only for an hour, it is nice to be in a place where it is physically impossible to get a phone call, text, email message, FB post, or any other screen-based communication.

3) Rhythm need the music.  Music makes you feel good, and really,  how much new music do you hear outside of spin class?   
4) Get 'sparkly and euphoric'....It has been reliably reported to us that many riders get a sensation of sparkly euphoria immediately after class.   Have you felt that this week?

5) Darnit, these cycling classes are just plain fun. 


Health benefits of indoor cycling, aerobic exercise

Have you been procrastinating getting back into regular indoor cycling class since this summer?  C' are the accepted benefits of spin® classes, indoor cycling classes and any intense aerobic exercise:

  • Increases fat metabolism: The body prefers fat for fuel when exercising at aerobic heart rates (burning fat is good).

  • Strengthens your immune system: Research shows that by increasing "fighter" cells in the immune system, you may have better protection against diseases like cancer (not to mention upcoming cold season).

  • More energy!: The more effective the heart is as a pump, the better it is at providing oxygen to the body. Better oxygenation translates to improved energy.

  • Lowered risk of heart disease: Aerobic exercise has been found to have positive effects on all controllable risk factors of heart disease, including blood pressure and total serum cholesterol.

  • Decreased tension and aid in sleeping: Exercise creates and improves balance in the body. Hormones are in better balance and tension is reduced, creating a better environment for rest.

  • Psychological benefits: It is well documented that 30 minutes of exercise per day improves mood and reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.

Sounds too good to be true doesn't it?  How can something like this be legal...and  fun?  Find the time at one of our 35-40® classes a week.  Boston area's premier indoor cycling studio since 2005.


Tips for New Spynergy Visitors / New Indoor Cyclists


1) Reservations to our indoor cycling classes in Wellesley are not required, but they hold a bike for you, AND psychologically commit you to working out!  Remember, you can reserve up to one-week in advance and you can cancel with no penalty anytime up to 12 hours in advance.  Please remember to sign in at the front desk!!! 


2) Wait list system.  If a class is sold out....add your name to the online wait list and you will receive an email if a space clears (which often happens).  Note:  once you receive that email, you are automatically added to the class, there is no need to confirm.  If the wait list is full, you can book another class or check back later. 


3)  Bringing a friend.  Our system now allows you to book a cycling class reservation for a friend and charge them to your account...if you have visitors feel free to use this feature (your guest will need to fill out a waiver at the studio).


4)  Connecting.   We love to hear from you.  Please feel free to post  on our Facebook Page or even better, email us your comments and song suggestions to   If you want to see our music playlists and other interesting info....visit the Spynergy Blog (connected to website).


5)  Parking. Please use the space in front of Spynergy, but NOT at the far end by Bertuccis.  You can also park in the lot behind Spynergy and on Laurel Street.


6)  Bike set up. Please ask any instructor any time to get you set up properly on the bike. It makes the class safer and more comfortable!


7)  If you ride with cycling shoes, all Spynergy bikes accept 'SPD' clip-ins.  Sneakers are perfectly fine as well, our pedals have toe clips for sneakers.


8)  Smartphone App!.  Yes, we have a Spynergy 'app' for your iPhone or Android.  Just visit the app store and download it to your phone.  From your phone you can book spin classes, cancel classes, purchase rides, check your account and more!  Note: waitlist function is not available in app.



9) Families can share ride cards!.  Just let us know and we can "link" your ride card to others in your household so reservations for all members will be charged to the family ride package!


10) WEATHER POLICY:  Boston area is known for bad weather, but we rarely cancel....but in severe cases, any cancellations are instantly noted on the website....if you are not sure if a class is happening, visit the online schedule and check.


Contact us anytime by emailing: