Yes, you can SpinĀ® or Indoor Cycle to the Grateful Dead


DEAD SPIN THIS SATURDAY 4:00 (November 23rd)

Last spring we posted an article about the "levels" of Grateful Dead fans (albums, "eras", specific shows)  and we listed a few shows considered some of the best of all time.  You can read that post by clicking here.  Grateful Dead spin class?

To the uninitiated, a spin class set to Grateful Dead music might seem impossible and bizarre.   Bizarre?  maybe.  Impossible? No.  In fact, the rhythmic nature of a classic Grateful Dead jam is almost ideally suited to a good steady endurance effort on the bike.  The regular Wellesley spin classes and Boston spin classes you would normally attend are primarily interval sessions.  When we do our bi-annual 90 minute "Dead Spin" class, we  do longer segments and attempt mind/body immersion using only the endorphins produced by our own bodies.

The Grateful Dead spin class has become a staple of Spynergy in Wellesley and invariably sells out.   If a first time indoor cyclist stumbles in unaware ---- I'm  sure they find it exhilarating, or shocking....but not boring.     For a sense of what to expect if you stop in, take a peek at this video.