What is a cycling studio? Why does it work?


Spin studio, cycling studioBack in 2003 Bill and Alex visited their sister's cycling studio outside Chicago and absolutely loved what she had created there.  At the same time, Bill....fresh off a series of basketball and running related knee injuries, began outdoor cycling and exploring the classes at other indoor cycling and Spinning® in the Boston area.  He became hooked.  At the same time, Alex said "why don't we open one a Spin studio in the Boston area"? Spynergy in Wellesley is now over 7 years old and it just seems to least according to a number of testimonials.  Why?  Here are 8 reasons.


  1. Convenience.  Purchase your ride package and schedule your classes online from anywhere.
  2. Peace of Mind.  Reservations assure you of a seat, no worries about getting shut out.
  3. Pay as you go.  No memebership necessary, you can purchase classes as you need them.
  4. Conditions.  We care deeply about the quality of bikes, music, ventilation, lighting.
  5. Music and Video.  It matters.  Instructors are asked to cultivate unique playlists.
  6. Community.  This is a small place with a strong community feel.
  7. Personal service.  We care about your experience and will set you up properly
  8. Instructors.  Most important of all.


There are many fitness classes, but people have found the benefits of a spin class to be extraordinary.  Caloriries burned, great workout, time flies, interval training....these spin class workouts are amazing.


If you are interested in starting a studio in your area, visit or email Bill at