Grateful Dead SpinĀ® Class / Cycling Class notes / Dead Spin Playlist

A few basics: there are 3 levels of Dead fans per (NY Times April 12) ……..Level 1 – those who speak of dead songs by album. 2) Dead fans who refer to “eras” i.e. “the pigpen era”…..and 3) those who refer to Dead Picspecific SHOWS. i.e. “Chicago Auditorium May 11th 1975″.

Music at Spynergy Grateful Dead classes have primarily featured extracts from specific shows…….and we refer to those shows by name in case someone was actually there (ha! as if they would remember….) The playlist below, by the way, was created before the NY Times Article.

In the Blogosphere amongst the Dead Cognoscenti…..there are several shows rumored to be the best shows ever. I have the full shows if anyone wants them, or you can find them at These shows are always mentioned with extreme reverance:

Cornell University May 8, 1977
Broom County Arena (NY) Nov. 6, 1977
Fillmore East, April 1971
Veneta, Oregon, August 27, 1972

The playlist below is much more than an hour…….and of course a Dead Spin should run long if possible (I usually do 80-120 minutesso). Several of the songs below run over 15 minutes so you would hear only certain parts…….you can’t realistically play 17 minutes songs…..can you?

From the recent Spynergy Dead Spins®
Background music while the people trickle in:
Fire on the Mountain (9 minute version from the Broom County arena show
1) Warm-up song: Eyes of the World, Pembroke Pines Florida, May 1977
(first 6 to 7 minutes, then faded out gently)
2) Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad, Fillmore East, April 1971
3) Franklins Tower, Providence Rhode Island, September 3, 1980 (first 6 or 7 minutes)
4) Dark Hollow, Fillmore East, April 1971
5) Sunshine Daydream, Hampton Virginia, March 27 1988
6) Scarlet Begonias (from Mars Hotel album)
7) Dancing in the Streets, Cornell University, May 8 1977
VERY IMPORTANT: this is one of the best Dead Jams EVER. For use in a class we fast forward on the Ipod and START the song at the 5 minute mark. Fade it in gently and then leave it on for at least 6 or 7 minutes. It is a great zone out —- totally darkened room is ideal, and I try to shut up.
All Along the Watchtower, from the album “Postcards from a Hanging” this is an album
featuring all Bob Dylan songs played by the Dead. Amazing version of this classic.
9) New Speedway Boogie…….from Working Mans Dead. Great classic
10) I Know You Rider, London April, 1972…great live version….great song to finish

Others that could be mixed in
Me and Bobby Mcgee from Fillmore East Show
Brown Eyed Woman from Cornell Show
GREATEST COOL DOWN SONG EVER: 7 minute acoustic Friend of the Devil by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman