What are cyclebeats?
CycleBar knows that great music is a key ingredient for an intoxicating indoor cycling class. That’s why they have invested in CycleBeats: a proprietary, state-of-the-art in-house and online music database. CycleStars can create incredible playlists with ease. 

Plus we encourage riders to suggest songs to their favorite Instructor, it's YOUR class, your music!   

Every one of our Cyclebar classes features a fundamentally different  workout.  If you're in the mood for competition or in the zen state-of-mind, we have you covered.  The Cyclebeats music reflects the different personality of each class as well as the input of each individual Cyclestar per class.  What you get is a huge variety of playlists and music to choose from.

You will ultimately be able to check out, listen to and download music from each one of these classes and instructors through the instructor pages or class pages.



Check out CycleBeats to see and hear sample playlists for each class. You can also tune in via our CycleStar blog for hot playlists and other CycleBar tips.