CycleBar Classic

This class is taught by:

Abby Wilk

Abby is a former D1A collegiate diver and rower/coxswain turned marathon runner and now indoor cycling enthusiast. If an athletic, challenging, choreographed and beat-driven workout is what you are looking for - look no further! She loves hip hop and rap, but plays a wide variety of everything in her motivating playlists

Nancy Ruggeri

I've been doing this 8 years.  I need it!  Not just the exercise...the "me time", and the community.   Fitness has always played an important role in my life (running, cycling, etc.) but things changed when I stumbled on a 6AM spin class. WOW.  Now with 5 kids and a chaotic life, indoor cycling  acts as a space where I can connect,  release some stress, and get a great workout. If you are hoping to build yourself physically, mentally and emotionally you have come to the right spot! Meet you on the bike!  

Bill Pryor

How I got into indoor cycling:  After 30 years of brutal ground pounding (running and basketball), my doctor said “cycle and swim or I’m replacing your knees”.  Shortly after, we founded Spynergy (now CycleBar) I hope 4 things happen for riders in my class 1) a great workout, 2) the time flies, 3) smiling and fun, 4) people leave “sparkly and euphoric”.
Music Mania:  My core influence is Blues-oriented rock grooves (Clapton, Stones, JJ Cale, Allmans, Dylan), but my classes feature a broad spectrum of genres and eras:  Talking Heads, Dave, Moby, Wilco, Nirvana, even Pitbull, Avicii, and Daft Punk.  Yes, some trance music and pop.  Lot’s of re-mixes from all eras. Clear focus on high-energy rhythms.  Twice a year I do an all “Grateful Dead” spin (yes it CAN be done).

Mandy Hoar

How I got into indoor cycling: I first tried spinning in 1999 after an injury forced me to hang up my running shoes....I have never looked back! Spinning offers the fantastic cardio workout feeling, we used to all a "runner's high" by using great music to motivate us to work hard, have fun, and just go for it!

Music Mania: Although my true passion is new music with a great beat (from Flo rida and Mumford and Sons to Adele and Rihanna), I always try to mix in classics like Motown, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay and U2).  I am a big fan of mash-ups and a recent convert to country rock! I  love theme classes like the all video 25th anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and recently the dance-off concert video class featuring Tina Turner versus Beyonce.

What makes a great class: It is all about the music.  I hope when you leave the spin room you will have a song in your head, sweat on your back, and a big smile on your face!

Renu Shukla

Indoor Cycling Background:  An indoor cycling instructor for a decade, an involved parent and a passionate yoga teacher....these dimensions emanate in her class.  Her dynamic teaching style is at once intense and nurturing.  Interweaving the vigor of spin with the discipline of yoga, Renu creates distinctly multi-faceted classes, her mindset is un-mistakeable!  She challenges riders to dig a little deeper in their workout and to carry that state of mind outside the studio.
Music Mania: Renu creates playlists that celebrate musical diversity and help stretch your boundaries, both physically and emotionally.  Selections are diverse and often inspired by the enthusiasm of riders.  Beat-driven music from Classic Rock to Hip Hop, from Bollywood tunes to remixes, one-hit wonders to vibrant instrumentalism.   Inclusive teaching that fosters camaraderie, commitment and passion for wellness!

Carly Biron

Our newest CycleStar!  Great Energy, Great Music, Great Presence.  Come Ride!

Odetta Webster

Mother of 3, registered nurse and fitness enthusiast....Originally from Albania, currently living in Natick, 
Odetta began indoor cycling classes  7 years ago.....Loves the adrenaline, the energy and the sweat from an awesome cycling class."...It is so contagious,  I hope to spread it to all CB riders!....I love loud, feel good music, a variety of genres....The beat will cue our every move from sprints, hills, tap backs or jumps. Lets not forget the bar, if its not burning it ain’t working...." Make it the best hour of the day! See you at the BAR…!

Caitlin Sammis

An athlete her entire life (tennis, golf, skiing, and Irish dancing) she loves a good challenge and seeks out team camaraderie. Through dynamic movements, intense focus, high energy music (amazing variety of genres)…..Caitlin strives to push your limits. You’ll leave with a huge smile and a sense of accomplishment. Originally from NY, Caitlin fell in love with Boston while attending Boston College (go Eagles!). In her other life, she works in Finance at TJX.
Ride Like You Mean It!!!
 CyleBar Classic is a wildly energetic workout set to the rhythms of carefully chosen inspirational music and video content. This 50 min class includes a combination of high-intensity intervals and endurance elements coached by top instructors.  It is designed to inspire you to better fitness.....Great for beginners as well as advanced riders!
While classes may vary in intensity based on a teacher's style, we coach riders to adapt each session to their own fitness level and goals.

Upcoming classes:

  • Mon Oct 23 8:25 am - 9:15 am with Abby Wilk
  • Mon Oct 23 9:40 am - 10:30 am with Nancy Ruggeri
  • Mon Oct 23 6:00 pm - 6:50 pm with Bill Pryor
  • Tue Oct 24 6:00 am - 6:50 am with Bill Pryor
  • Tue Oct 24 8:25 am - 9:15 am with Mandy Hoar
  • Tue Oct 24 9:40 am - 10:30 am with Renu Shukla
  • Tue Oct 24 6:30 pm - 7:20 pm with Carly Biron
  • Wed Oct 25 6:00 am - 6:50 am with Abby Wilk
  • Wed Oct 25 8:25 am - 9:15 am with Renu Shukla
  • Wed Oct 25 9:40 am - 10:30 am with Nancy Ruggeri
  • Thu Oct 26 8:25 am - 9:15 am with Odetta Webster
  • Thu Oct 26 9:40 am - 10:30 am with Odetta Webster
  • Thu Oct 26 6:30 pm - 7:20 pm with Caitlin Sammis
  • Fri Oct 27 6:00 am - 6:50 am with Nancy Ruggeri
  • Fri Oct 27 8:25 am - 9:15 am with Renu Shukla
  • Fri Oct 27 9:40 am - 10:30 am with Nancy Ruggeri
  • Sat Oct 28 8:45 am - 9:35 am with Mandy Hoar
  • Sat Oct 28 9:50 am - 10:40 am with Odetta Webster
  • Sat Oct 28 11:00 am - 11:50 am with Abby Custer